Websites to help you find the right book: Part 2

This week, we're going to focus on a website from experts in academia and literature! The database Books & Authors was created by GALE Cengage and features over 146,000 titles recommended by librarians and other experts. It also contains biographies of over 54,000 authors.

Nonfiction titles include business, biographies, health / science, and more. Its fiction titles are also separated into categories and feature historical fiction, fantasy, western, mystery, etc.

This site helps you keep track of what you've read and want to read by allowing you to log-in and create a personal reading room. You can mark and create lists of titles or rate and review books.

In order to help you narrow down searches, they've created a search tool called Who, What, Where, When? (WWWW). You can search for a type of character, a subject, the location, and the time period.

We did a sample search about nursing/nurses in the United States during the 21st century. Here's what it looked like:

You can see it gave us 27 final results because we were so specific. We could change our search terms to get more results, or click on the total to be shown our recommendations.

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